E.5a Brain Structure

20/01/2014 § Leave a comment

Fun fact! Did you know that Sara Bellum, the mayor’s sexy, faceless secretary from The Powerpuff Girls was probably named after the “cerebellum” in the brain because she sort of ran the show in the city, provided the logic and did all the thinking for the mayor? I bet you didn’t.

So as always, there is diagramming to be done. The different parts of the brain that we need to know how to diagram are: the medulla oblongata, the cerebellum, the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland (sound familiar?) and the cerebral hemispheres.

As for how they work and what each part does:

  • the medulla oblongata is responsible for controlling homeostatic and automatic activities, like swelling and breathing
  • the cerebellum (not the secretary) controls something similar; it takes care of coordinating unconscious functions, like body movements, so motor skills
  • the hypothalamus is responsible for maintaing homeostasis in the different levels of the body, controlling the nervous and endocrine system, taking care of body temperature, sleep, appetite, secreting hormones to regulate these levels
  • the pituitary gland secretes hormones, many hormones, always hormones
  • the cerebral hemispheres are super important, if you think about it (hahahaha “think” because it’s a brain, get it) because they control vital aspects that make us human, like memory, the abilities to learn, feel emotions, use languages, as well as our sense of logic

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