11.2b Muscles & Movement

10/01/2014 § Leave a comment

Ah yes, this “new year, new me” crap. Note: I’ve just posted this because I realise that I missed the class and this blog post due to my English IOC. My bad.



Page 267, transverse sections of striated muscle

1. Explain the difference between a transverse and a longitudinal section of muscle. –> The transverse section is perpendicular to the longitudinal section and the longitudinal section runs along the longer axis.

2. Deduce what part of the myofibril is represented by the drawings as small dots. –> The small dots in the myofibril represent the actin.

3. Compare the pattern of dots in the three diagrams. –> The first and second diagrams have similarities in that they both have large dots. The first and third diagram by contrast both have smaller dots. The first diagram therefore seems to be a combination of the second and third diagram.

4. Explain the differences between the diagrams in the pattern of dots. –> While the second diagram only represents myosin and the third diagram only represents actin, the first diagram represents both.

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