6.5b: Homeostasis – Glucose Regulation

24/10/2013 § Leave a comment

Hi, hello, I wrote about glucose and diabetes in the previous blog so if the idea of liver breaking down glycogen into glucose appeals to you, click away!



Page 261, the glucose tolerance test

a) The concentration of glucose at time zero, i.e. before the consumption of the glucose drink. The diabetic individual already has a higher concentration of glucose (~160 mg 100 cm-3) than the unaffected individual (~76-78 mg 100 cm-3).

b) The length of time required to return to the level at time zero. The unaffected individual takes roughly 3 hours to return to the level at time zero, but the diabetic needs more than 5 hours.

c) The maximum glucose level reached. The diabetic reaches 350+ mg 100 cm-3 of glucose concentration while the unaffected individual only reaches around 150-155 mg 100 cm-3 of glucose.

d) The time before glucose levels start to fall. The unaffected individual’s glucose levels start to decrease after 1 hour, but the diabetic’s glucose levels fall after 2 hours.

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