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It honestly isn’t something one thinks about on a daily basis but if one does bother to put some thought into it, they might realise that trig cycles exist almost everywhere in life, in little bits and pieces. To quickly define a cycle, really a cycle could be anything that occurs or happens in life as long as it starts from somewhere, gradually gets to the end and starts over again. For example, a bicycle wheel is a cycle because, say, if you make a red mark on the wheel, it will constantly turn again and again as the bike moves. That is a kind of cycle that is needed in order to move the machinery.

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Nerd Bomb: The Decision Paradox

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I have a horrible sore throat, a ridiculous cold, my eyes felt stuffy and my head was hurting, too.

Went to the doctor’s yesterday to check it out but was also able to finish this reflection Nerd Bomb movie, too.

How and why do people make decisions?

Hope you liked it and now I’m going to go and run away and have some SPRING BREAK fun because I can.

Self evaluations on Kobe

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I know I used certain economic terms during my project, especially during my presentation and sometimes in my inquiry report as well but I think I didn’t focus on it as much. This is a mistake I made and I will be sure to use more of the terms and vocabulary we learned in class as much as possible next time. However, my descriptions and explanations are detailed and fully developed, as I demonstrated in my presentation — I clearly understood what I was talking about.


The concepts and terms that I did use and refer to were applied very well in an appropriate and sophisticated manner. Even if I only chose a few terms and related to a handful of vocabulary, I tried to go very in depth with them and tried to explore them as much as possible. I was able to connect PACED to my subject very well especially seen during my presentation (towards the second half). Overall, the concepts and vocabulary that I did say I would use – though few – were applied to moving to other countries well in this project.


I analyzed a lot during this project – I know that because of the amount of time I spent on Excel trying to find ways to arrange the data or to format it in ways that would make certain parts of the information stand out more than others, etc. I feel that my data was somehow limited – I could have asked more questions about gender, perhaps, so my information was limited. However, my investigative skills, arguments and discussions were fully supported with data and reasoning, also seen through my presentation.


The one thing I regret about my presentation is not paying enough attention to my audience. Not strangely, I feel really bad because paying attention to my audience is usually one of my biggest strengths. This time, though, I focused only on the younger audience, my classmates, and totally forgot (not ‘ignored’!) about the possible adult audience that could have come to watch. Little things in my presentation gave me points off, such as the playful titles, and I think that if I had just been more serious with the actual powerpoint, I would have gotten full credit on Criterion D. This is a lesson I definitely won’t forget for my next presentation. Audience counts.

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