But would you actually kill a mockingbird?

12/02/2012 § 1 Comment

Another Individual Oral Commentary,
but this time on a speech from the movie 
To Kill a Mockingbird, also based on the book.

Atticus’s speech in To Kill a Mockingbird was used as a final closing argument during court in which he represented the wrongly accused Tom Robinson, a black man. As a serious and very important event in his and Robinson’s case, the speech used many techniques in order to convince the court and judge that Robinson is innocent. This IOC explores the ways Atticus uses these techniques and how effective they may be.

Embed probably didn’t work so click here for the actual commentary recording.


For further details and supplies, click on this word for the notes on techniques and feel free to steal the below image for the actual annotated speech.

§ One Response to But would you actually kill a mockingbird?

  • kiaora4 says:

    Your analysis shows a good level of understanding Kari. At times you tended to generalize rather than focusing on the rhetorical devices. This can be a danger as the analysis degenerates into paraphrasing. Still a very solid piece of work.

    A: 8
    B: 8

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