a mathematical glance at the semester

24/01/2012 § 1 Comment

First things first: How do I feel about my progress so far? I feel that I’ve done a lot more with math than I ever had in any other year in math because it’s been more of a challenge this year. I think I’ve learned how to understand math with more depth than I have before, really looking at why something does something else, how this and this affects that and that, etc. At the same time, I think I’ve been able to keep up with the class and learn the many units quite well so far. Of course there are far more skilled geniuses in the same room but I’m proud of my progress because I’ve been keeping up and doing well in class.
I like that math class is very smooth and we usually have something very educational to do, which is what I expected from math. What has worked well for me as a learner are the Scrapbook files that we make for each lesson. Those really help when I have to go back to check on something.
I think the class could improve if we did less in-your-seat work and did more interactive and physical activities. For example, to learn about inverse variations, Grace and I were given the opportunity to go outside and measure things outside of class and move a little bit. That was helpful and enjoyable.
I’ve already started but I’d like to study a lot earlier for quizzes and tests and to actually study a lot each time. This means going through the Scrapbook notes, my handwritten notes, and going to look for help a few days to a week before the test. I know this will help me because I used to do it before and I’ve kind of lost the amount of time needed to do it all. By achieving this, I obviously need to plan my time well and stop using the Internet for things I don’t need to use it for. I need to narrow my focus to one thing at a time and instead of living along the thought process of “I need to finish this to get some sleep,” I should start thinking of something along the lines of, “If I finish this now, I’ll have more time to myself later and maybe time to look over this and improve it.” I’ve also done this before and I know it’ll help. I have no major goal except to continue working hard – which won’t ever actually stop – and organize myself better.

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  • eadurkin says:

    Hi Kari

    As always your posts are a delight to read. The images are very enjoyable. I particularly like the field that looks like a spiral on axes. (Is that what I am meant to see?) I liked reading that you have learnt maths in more depth this year. That is a big aim for me.

    I take your point about having more practical learning built in. I try to do this, but time runs out … a bit like your issue mentioned in your last paragraph. But I will try to do that more.

    Your goal is good: keep working hard, or even harder if you can! And yes, you are doing well, keeping up with the math heavyweights!

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