Self evaluations on oil barrels

02/12/2011 § Leave a comment

I think I deserve a 6 for Criterion A: Knowledge because I knew the topic and the subject but did not develop them as much as I could have or did not describe them accurately enough. The majority of my presentation was me trying to explain everything to the audience as clearly as possible but I feel like I didn’t use enough detail and examples in the amount of time I was given – which I know I could have done. I used some economic terminology during my presentation but didn’t explain and define them enough or to the proper extent.

I deserve a 7 for Criterion B: Concepts. I know the concepts of Supply and Demand and the economic ideas that we’ve studied so far but wasn’t able to apply those concepts to other situations successfully all the time. My alternatives were based off an economic concept but it was based off of the wrong type of economic concept (determinant of supply when it should have been a determinant of demand). My applications were not detailed or sophisticated.

I was able to analyze the article rather well, I could understand next to all of it. The decisions I made for the alternatives were alright, in my opinion, but could each have had more backup to support them. I could have gotten more information and facts to back up my alternatives and that could have boosted up my score for Criterion C: Skills. I think I deserve a 6 for Criterion C: Skills.

I deserve a 5 for Criterion D: Organization and presentation. I paid all the appropriate attention to my audience and thought I spoke rather well for this purpose. I put that one video that loosely discussed the current situation of the oil industry in the US but it mentioned other irrelevant things like water and how to pump oil from rigs that wasn’t really necessary. The way I presented was clear and good enough. I also have documented all the images and things used for this presentation. The images I used sometimes were not effective but the ideas were appropriate to the audience.

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