99 Orange Rocket Balloons

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Research Question & Overview

The research question for this experiment is “Determine the work done and the power of a balloon rocket.” We have assumed that the rocket balloons in this experiment generally exert an average thrust force of 0.5N but we know that that is actually not the real average thrust force.


Background Information

The units we used for this experiment were work, energy and power. Work is the action of a force to cause displacement of an object and is represented by J, joules. It can be found by multiplying force (N) by the distance traveled, or displacement (m). The equation to find work is therefore Work (J) = force (N) x displacement (m).

Energy is the ability to do work and is almost identical to work. Different types of energy include kinetic, mechanical, elastic, potential, thermal, sound, and others. Both energy and work are found the same way (with the same equation) and energy is represented also by J, joules. The equation for energy is therefore Energy (J) = force (N) x displacement (m). In context, however, work is the actual displacement of an object and energy is the object’s ability (actual and potential) to be able to move and “do work”.

Power is the rate of doing work or using energy. Power is the relationship of work (energy) and time. It is basically how fast or how slow an object can do work. Power is represented in W, watts, where 1 watt is equal to 1 joule in 1 second. Once the value of work/energy (J) is known, simply divide the time (seconds) to find the power. The equation to find power is therefore Power (W) = work done  or energy used (J) ÷ time (s).

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Self evaluations on oil barrels

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I think I deserve a 6 for Criterion A: Knowledge because I knew the topic and the subject but did not develop them as much as I could have or did not describe them accurately enough. The majority of my presentation was me trying to explain everything to the audience as clearly as possible but I feel like I didn’t use enough detail and examples in the amount of time I was given – which I know I could have done. I used some economic terminology during my presentation but didn’t explain and define them enough or to the proper extent.

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Once upon an oil barrel…

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Click here to see the .pdf version of the Keynote powerpoint I used for the presentation.

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