Duality – Two Sides, Not One

25/11/2011 § Leave a comment

In the video montage shown above, the theme and creation of the video was focused on representing the duality seen in the novel After Dark. We thought that the use of duality in Haruki Murakami’s novel was his way of describing a certain part of the human experience. This struggle is more specifically a human’s personal struggle to maintain his or her two personalities. In this video presentation, my partner and I used videos, music, and images to display the two sides of a human being. These include images of a normal human’s life, meaning the average emotions and experiences. Such emotions include love, trust, and the feeling of being safe, as seen in the first part of the video. The other images consist of a person’s “other half” or the side that they rarely tap into unless they really lose psychological control over their subconscious. The music we used for the video consisted of the songs Hot Air Balloon by Owl City , To The Sky by Owl City, Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. These were the happier tunes we used to represent the good side of a person. The songs we used to represent a person’s “other side” aka, their “dark” side were Scarlet by Brooke Fraser, The Scientist by Coldplay, Fix You by Coldplay and Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. We tried not to use the lyrics of each of the songs (although some of the words can be heard for one or two of the songs) and instead focused on the tunes. The happier songs consisted of upbeat tunes that sounded like a celebration of life and the sadder songs consisted of sounds and tunes that were more sorrowful and expressed a lot more confusion. The difference between these types of songs display the duality of a person. Generally, people can be happy with their current life, etc. but another part of a person can desire to stay on the darker, more negative side of the spectrum. I believe that this happens to everybody.

Of the quotes we chose from the book, we tried to pick ones that focused on Shirakawa and Mari. We understood that Kaoru was also a character who might have represented some duality but also thought that Shirakawa’s and Mari’s duality was a lot more obvious and noticeable. An example of one of the quotes we used was, “What makes the mask truly eerie is that even though it fits the face like a second skin, it prevents us from even imagining what (if anything) the person within is thinking, feeling, or planning.” (p. 63) This quote shows that the character (Shirakawa) is wearing a mask constantly and hides an inner personality or creature inside of him. Yurika and I strongly believe that people in general have one outer personality that they are comfortable showing other people, for example, Mari’s strong personality showing that she is brave and doesn’t really think much of her sister, but also have an inner personality that they are less comfortable to show the world, like Mari’s uncertain and vulnerable side. Another quote we used to describe duality and a human’s struggle to keep his or her dark side in check is, “He holds his breath and never blinks, fully expecting that, if he were to stay like this long enough, some other thing might emerge.” (p. 162). This part of the novel informed the readers that Shirakawa knew of his other (darker) persona and was aware of what happened whenever he made the switch to his other side. This quote explains that, including in real life, people are aware of their other side, their “darker persona”, per se. They are aware that it is there but they are rather [unconsciously] skilled at keeping it in check and not tapping into it. Some people (like Shirakawa) are not as lucky. As stated in the video: “There are always two sides to a person,” although the two sides may not be extreme or it may not be obvious. The video focuses on showing that people have their bright and normal side – but everyone also has a risk of losing themselves to their darker side.

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