Self evaluations on college

20/10/2011 § Leave a comment

Although I understand the terminology that we learned in the class, I feel that I didn’t command an excellent of use of the terminology and could have applied it better in the essay. Also, I added relevant facts and examples that show understanding but those facts were mostly to support my points and I probably didn’t use a good range of them. Finally, my descriptions were developed, accurate and detailed but they aren’t fully developed. For Criterion A, I think I deserve a 6 or a 7.

For Criterion B concepts, I think I deserve a 6. I did demonstrate awareness of the concepts and described them but I’m not sure I connected them to the subject matter very well. I did attempt to apply concepts to other situations once or twice but yes, maybe they weren’t very successful. However, my application of concepts is appropriate and does show some depth. They show that I do understand the economic concepts but I may not have been very good at showing that in the essay.

For Criterion C, I also deserve a 6. I did select a range of relevant information that assist my arguments. My work shows satisfactory evidence of analyzing scenarios and economic concepts. I can demonstrate adequate investigative skills but not at a level of effective, I think. Finally, my arguments, descriptions and judgements are supported, with my facts and my descriptions, but they are not balanced and unbiased.

I deserve a 7 or 8 for this one. I really do. Well, I think so. I planned my essay very carefully, stating my fine points and the things I wanted to discuss and make clear. I followed this plan til I finished the essay — it’s only inside each paragraph that everything falls apart and lowers my grade. Sometimes my expressions and use of language isn’t very clear to the readers but they made sense to me — however, that’s not the idea. I communicated relevant information, was quite organized, I used a logical sequence that I spent a lot of time developing and my images and visual representations were always appropriate. I used APA formatting to document my sources of information as well.

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