It’s great that we’re starting college research early, IMO… (continued)

29/09/2011 § Leave a comment

After analyzing the three colleges that I picked in the above chart, my final choice was the University of Cambridge. I chose Cambridge because out of the three colleges, Cambridge scored well on all of them. The cost, surprisingly, was cheaper than both La Salle in the Philippines and the University of Michigan in America. Although it’s still a quite expensive private school in a whole other continent (in England), it would be easier to afford than La Salle and U.Mich.

The academics and classes at Cambridge are also one of the finest in the world and one of the main reasons that Cambridge is the top school nowadays. According to Cambridge’s website, many videos have stated that the teachers and faculty members really look after the students.

The life/housing (the overall experience) at Cambridge also scored very high because firstly, it’s in London, in a whole other continent and the experience of being in another country and traveling in a place I’m not familiar with is exciting. There are also many housing choices that, although look kind of expensive, seem like they’re worth it and very comfortable.

My opportunity cost was U.Mich because it also scored very high on the candy-bar grid that I created for the three chosen colleges. Although I really wanted to choose this school, Cambridge won over U.Mich because of the cost of the college. Cambridge is $4,000 cheaper than U.Mich so of course I’d choose the cheaper university (that also happens to be the top college in the world).

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