Self evaluations on death and dancing and spiders

14/09/2011 § 1 Comment

I gave myself a low 9-10 range for this blog post; basically a 9. I think I deserve a nine on MYP criterion A because overall, I know these concepts and I am knowledgable about how it works. I gave a (very) thorough and accurate summary of the activities (maybe it was too thorough and too long but that doesn’t lose me any points so for now, it’s okay). I also provided a complete and correct list of the concepts we covered in both activities in little sections whenever the concepts were mentioned during the post.

I gave Nutcha a comment that I think was pretty helpful because she later came up to me and asked for my help to fix the grammatical errors in her blogpost. I think I helped improve her blogpost. In addition to the ‘way to improve your blog’ comment, I also complimented her on knowledge of her real-world connection and all the concepts.

I was able to connect all of our concepts to the activities we did in class but I feel like it wasn’t thorough enough. Maybe this is because I really should focus on the connecting of concepts instead of the summarizing next time — and I will be focusing on that next time. Also, I thought that my real world connection was quite developed but not to a level that it was fully developed. For example, I covered incentives, income and some consequences, but I could have worked a lot more on opportunity cost and trade-off.

I deserve a 6 for MYP criterion D: organization and presentation. I thought that the majority of the information was relevant; history on the black plague, background on the real-world connection, etc. but there might be a couple of sentences that are unneeded, like the narrations of what happened in class that I could have omitted.

I used a structure and tone during the blog that made it a little bit more interesting to read but was still informative and appropriate to the task. I sequenced the topics chronologically, therefore it is logically organized. It makes sense that I went through the activities and tasks in order of which was done first. I do pay attention to my audience – other students and Mrs. Welbes – therefore I made the reading a little more fun than a normal Economics Blogpost (which sounds boring). The presentations and expressions are clear but I feel that they’re not concise at all. I just think these three blogposts are really long and I want to stop that.

I documented all of my sources, including the graphic images that I thought would brighten up the blogposts (instead of having a lot, a lot, a lot of writing and nothing else) and the articles I read for my real-world connection. As mentioned: I think the language, style and visual representations (images pulled up from Google Images) are appropriate to the audience and purpose. But I still only deserve a 6 because the posts were so bloody long.

§ One Response to Self evaluations on death and dancing and spiders

  • Kirsten says:

    Feedback on A:
    need more information about black death – how spread
    Real World Connection:
    need to connect with cost

    In Summary,
    – A thorough and accurate summary of the activity
    – Complete and correct list of concepts covered in the activity
    – Correct and thorough connection between the concepts and activity
    – Your explanation of a real word connection is fully developed.
    – A thoughtful and insightful comment on one other blog entry about one good thing about their entry and one thing their entry could improve.

    Criterion A: 9
    Feedback on D:
    “hile now but And” – need comma
    “010 and the film” – need comma
    “-years-old and it has been his dream to play” – comma
    I really liked your organizational method. It is very easy for me to follow.
    “didn’tknow” – typo
    “After the black plague came a Peasants’ revolt that demanded a better life for the peasant” – need a comma

    In Summary,
    Good relevant information. 8
    Effective communication. 6 – comma errors all over the place
    Visual representation is good. 8 charts and pictures, perfect
    Citation good. 8, no colon after References

    Criterion D: 7

    You are not writing too much.

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