Dancing With Death (fin.)

11/09/2011 § 2 Comments

Dancing With Death: Real World Connection
In Which I Reveal How Much Of A Spider-Man Fan I Am

We can see consequence, income, incentives and possible a opportunity cost and some trade-offs in Hollywood again. 

If you’re at all interested in movies, comics, actors, Hollywood, Spider Man or Universal Studios Japan (because of the Spider Man ride), then this real world connection will be beyond interesting for you. It definitely was for me.

It’s been on the news for a while now but Andrew Garfield was set to play Peter Parker in the new ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ back in 2010 and the filming for the movie has been completed. A trailer was recently released last month.

Of the five economic terms that we learned in class during the past two activities, we can see a bit of everything in Andrew Garfield’s decision to accept the Spider-Man role for the new Amazing Spider-Man movie.

Incentive is really rather obvious in Garfield’s decision to play Peter Parker. According to interviews of Garfield, he’s been a fan of Marvel and of Spider-Man since he was two-years-old and it has been his dream to play Peter Parker in a movie since then. If you were a huge fan of a cartoon character and you were an actor and you were offered the opportunity to play that character’s part in a new movie, you would take it too. This probably isn’t his only incentive though. The previous three Spider-Man movies collected a whopping $2.5 billion and Spider-Man continues to be one of the most loved superheroes known to the world today. With that kind of pressure and praise holding Spider-Man’s legacy up, there’s a high chance that Andrew Garfield’s income after this movie will be a lot more than 30 pounds. That could be another one of his incentives — the money. Also, though, I’ve learned that good actors can spot good roles and Garfield obviously saw a good character in Peter Parker. That might be another incentive of his — getting the good role before anyone else got it.

There are both positive and negative consequences that may follow his decision of playing the part of Peter Parker. Because the previous Spider-Man trilogy received so much praise and good reviews (and just a lot of love), there are high hopes for the new installment in the Spider-Man media and if the majority of the Marvel fans don’t appreciate and don’t like Garfield’s portrayal of Peter Parker, he’ll be receiving a lot of nasty reviews. However, if all goes well and he gets nominations for his portrayal of a teenage Spider-Man, and overall, if people just love him more (which can’t be possible because people love him so much already, including me, hee hee) because of his Spider-Man role, Andrew Garfield will be receiving good critiques, great reviews, and he’ll be wanted for more great roles. Famous directors, well-known producers, praised Golden Globes actors and actresses will respect him more — life will be that much better for Andrew Garfield.

Finally, as a really random but highly relevant trade-off that Andrew Garfield probably gave up was his diet. Okay, he was originally skinny but in taking the role of Spider-Man, he really had to toughen up and work-out and really get physical for this role. Therefore, a possible trade-off could be giving up freedom to choose his diet and exercise habits to do a better job in portraying Peter Parker for the Spider-Man movie.

It might sound stupid but it’s totally relevant in an actor/actress’s life.

Overall, we see positive and negative consequences, a lot of incentives for Garfield to accept the role of Peter Parker and a bit of a trade-off in his daily life — all these economic concepts just because Andrew Garfield decided to do the right thing and become the all new Amazing Spider-Man.

I commented on Nutcha’s blog.
Also: If I’m writing too much, please tell me now so I can improve it in later blogposts.

§ 2 Responses to Dancing With Death (fin.)

  • 14kuyuma says:

    I thought your blogssssss were seriously.. really good.
    You were very detailed about everything and if it feels as if I was in class and Mrs.Welbes was reteaching us everything!
    Something I liked was that you separated all the blog posts.
    I think it makes it look organized and it’s not confusing at all.
    I think that one thing you can improve on is shortening everything maybe a little bit?
    I’m not saying what you did was bad but it might be a little too long.
    But seriously. But other then that I think you did a great job!

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