Self evaluations on chocolate almonds & economics

31/08/2011 § 1 Comment

I believe I deserve an achievement level of 9. I think I covered all of the concepts that we went over and discussed in class but perhaps it isn’t clear enough to some people. I did try to bold each word so that the reader would know that it’s an important word that the should pay attention to but perhaps it wasn’t enough. As I saw in some blogs, maybe it would be better to write the words down with their corresponding definitions unless the method I used (inserting the vocabulary straight into my paragraphs) already works.

In my opinion, my summary of the class’s activity was rather thorough and very detailed as I think some of the small things mentioned during the activity was important. (For example, it was mentioned at least twice that scarcity must be limited and desirable. Also, we were supposed to allocate the chocolates to only one person and because of this, the resource becomes scarce.) The summary of the class’s activity is also accurate because I made sure to write the blog and note down the events on the day that they happened.

I was able to connect the concepts to the activity quite well, and tried to apply the economics of the activity into every step the class went through. I believe I did that quite well, mentioning the economics terms here and there. I also commented on another’s blog in a way that I thought was constructive and would help them improve their blog. Kohei told me he fixed his blog so I assumed that the comment was helpful.

I did make a real-world connection but I don’t feel that it’s deep enough. I tried to link my research of the film industry to the economic factors that we learned in class and perhaps I reached a level that shows a general understanding of the terms but not yet an in-depth understanding. I mean to say, I was able to pinpoint which parts of PACED the producers went through but I did not try and assess every single possibility that I could have found in the real-world situation. This might lower my grade a bit.

§ One Response to Self evaluations on chocolate almonds & economics

  • Kirsten says:

    A thorough and accurate summary of the activity
    more on evaluation

    Complete and correct list of concepts covered in the activity

    Correct and thorough connection between the concepts and activity
    Perfect – I loved the bolded words

    Your explanation of a real word connection is fully developed.
    Summarize what the director wanted in the criteria.

    A thoughtful and insightful comment on one other blog entry about one good thing about their entry and one thing their entry could improve.

    Formative for D:
    class’ should be class’s = there is only one class.

    Almonds are healthy! Just not the chocolate part

    Criterion A: 9

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