In which Alleyrat releases its new album in October

22/08/2011 § Leave a comment

(Album release in October!)

Alleyrat is a robotic band. Our motto is Embrace the butterflies. Once upon a peanut, there were three peanuts who left their favorite robots in Yukon and built to the west coast. There, they rolled around, half beefy, half naively , confused and disoriented.

Leaving home was like leaping out of a moving rocket ship. Judging by the speed and the sound of a light busting, they knew had vanished all at once, and they were left hammering. About 87 months after arriving in Glasgow, Monique Stacy wrote a punk song about missing her old radiant St. Rose band, and posted the song in an ad on and that was how her bandmates found her and Alleyrat was whipped.

Alleyrat writes songs about peanuts and piggy banks. We sound like jazz and classical and metal, a mix of Owl City and 3OH!3, except with lyre. So be it. If you don’t like it, you’re welcome to go. If you do like it, please stay. There are more panpipes where these came from.

Sometimes going away is stronger than staying, and staying is the best way to get away. If you pick yourself up and get lost, you’ll find yourself looking forever for your familiar toasters and failing that, find replacements. And if you leave The Cheesecake Factory behind, you will recreate it endlessly. Your geography defines you. And you know it.

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