Final Project: Create, Part 3

01/06/2011 § Leave a comment

Editing and finishing up the documentary took a lot of “split clip”-ing and trimming of clips. I also had to adjust the volume of the music and other certain clips that were particularly quiet. I also added some text to certain scenes here and these texts consisted of numbers.

Below are some photographs of how I edited and finished the documentary.

Whenever I was trimming part of an interview that I took, the Clip Trimmer was what I used. Dragging the end of the yellow box would let me cut up the clip however I wanted to.


Adding music was very simple, simply go to the music icon (a bit cut off but at the bottom left of the iMovie window, it’s the very left icon and it’s a music note) and type in the song you want. Afterwards, drag the song from the list and onto the project. Quite simple.




If you look closely at this screen shot, the orange highlighting line only highlights portions of each clip. These are the parts that I’ve chosen and cut out to put into the iMovie project.


Adding text was also easy, I took the text choices from the bottom left and typed what I needed to by double clicking the text box on top of each clip.


Also a text-adding screen shot but much more text on the movie.


Finally, a view of all the things I saw as I was editing the documentary. You can see the text boxes (the blue rectangles), the music boxes (the long green rectangles) and the text-scene choices (all the black boxes at the bottom right).

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