Final Project: Evaluate

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The majority of this project consisted of a lot of research about sleep and sleep deprivation. I looked up a lot of websites about sleep and the medical/scientific explanations about sleep. After researching sleep, I had enough information about the topic to seem like something of an expert about sleep and the effects and causes of sleep deprivation. At that point, I could start interviewing people about how much they sleep and get footage for my mini “documentary”. Since interviewing took a total of three days (and a few hours each for every single day) and I was able to film all of my house films at home, filming really took only an overall total of a few hours (maybe between four to five hours). The final product looks like an amateur blog-slash-documentary that is still very informative about sleep and the different types of sleep. It might be a little weak on its amount of facts but it spreads throughout the school and provides a very little amount of comic relief but gets down to my point: sleep is very important. I was also able to emphasize that point and did that by using some of my peers as an example. (I used mostly myself as an example, though.) Overall, the documentary is fine, in my opinion, but I really only worked as much on it as I could but couldn’t quite put 120% of my effort into it because of other projects for other classes.

Inquirer: I am an inquirer. This is because I seriously developed a natural curiosity for how much time people sleep and how much they’re supposed to sleep. Before, I was always worried about, “Oh, am I sleeping too much, am I sleeping too less, am I abnormal, am I doing unhealthy things to my brain and my body?” and those kinds of questions and I really did stress over the amount of sleep I was getting. Therefore, I first did a lot (a lot) of research about sleep and the scientific explanations about how much sleep we’re supposed to have, what happens when we sleep (aka why we need it so much) and how to get the right amount of sleep you need. I also asked a lot of people a lot of questions about whether they’re satisfied with how much they sleep, how much they sleep on a daily basis and what time they go to sleep and wake up, etc., etc. I was seriously very interested about other people and wondering if they were sleeping right. If I found out how much they were sleeping and if they were satisfied about their sleep, then I would be able to determine if I was sleeping right and if I should be satisfied with how much I am sleeping — my conclusion was this: the amount of sleep amongst my grade varied and no one was truly satisfied with how much they were sleeping. I am an inquirer because I improved my researching skills and used them to research many websites for this project but also to gather information independently about the amount of sleeping other people in the grade get and was able to make that part of the project fun (filming other people).

Knowledgeable: I am knowledgable. This is more about the amount of research I did. The amount of research and note-taking I did during the first half of this project resulted in a document of notes on my computer that consisted of about 8 to 9 pages of notes about sleep and sleep deprivation. And that document is not double-spaced. I was able to discover many different little facts about types of sleep, why we should sleep, how much people sleep, why people don’t sleep well, and is it normal to be getting such-and-such amounts of sleep? I also discovered the medical facts about sleep and statistical facts as well, like the REM stage of sleep, the NREM stages of sleep, and such. Being knowledgeable, I was able to go very in-depth about sleep and was even able to discover ways to improve your sleep patterns and get advice for changing your sleep patterns and improving it. I am knowledgeable because I put my research skills to use and gained a lot of information about sleep.

Thinker: I am a thinker. This is because I made a product that is very different from other peoples’ projects. In doing so, I needed to think about a plan, a schedule, a tactic and an order of how I would be executing this project. Once I got the idea (once again, from Grace), I had to organize a plan and schedule that would help me finish the project in time — or at least, before it was due. (Actually, the plan was working fine before Tuesday because my schedule shifted entirely on Tuesday and now I’m turning in my blogs a little later than planned.) I think the worst decision I made during this project was going out with a few friends on Tuesday and not staying at home. By doing this, I wasn’t able to finish anything that night and ended up doing them today — before exams. That was my worst decision ever. I really should have stayed home. However, prior to that bad decision, I made all the right schedules and dates and lived up to them and was able to film everything on time and was also able to finish all my research on time, updating my Investigate, Plan, Design and Create blogs on time as well. I am a Thinker because I can organize and I was able to design this project effectively and think my way through by really organizing this documentary.

Final Project: Create, Part 3

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Editing and finishing up the documentary took a lot of “split clip”-ing and trimming of clips. I also had to adjust the volume of the music and other certain clips that were particularly quiet. I also added some text to certain scenes here and these texts consisted of numbers.

Below are some photographs of how I edited and finished the documentary.

Whenever I was trimming part of an interview that I took, the Clip Trimmer was what I used. Dragging the end of the yellow box would let me cut up the clip however I wanted to.


Adding music was very simple, simply go to the music icon (a bit cut off but at the bottom left of the iMovie window, it’s the very left icon and it’s a music note) and type in the song you want. Afterwards, drag the song from the list and onto the project. Quite simple.




If you look closely at this screen shot, the orange highlighting line only highlights portions of each clip. These are the parts that I’ve chosen and cut out to put into the iMovie project.


Adding text was also easy, I took the text choices from the bottom left and typed what I needed to by double clicking the text box on top of each clip.


Also a text-adding screen shot but much more text on the movie.


Finally, a view of all the things I saw as I was editing the documentary. You can see the text boxes (the blue rectangles), the music boxes (the long green rectangles) and the text-scene choices (all the black boxes at the bottom right).

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