Final Project: Create, Part 2

25/05/2011 § Leave a comment

At this point in time I’ve gathered all of the interviews I need for the documentary. As of now, I’ve interviewed Ayushi + Natacha, Grace, Mee Jung+Jemima, Kirthank, Dhilan, Shi Jia, Freddie, Kevin and Vineet. I’m planning to put all of the interviews in so that my interviewees get their due credit. The way I plan to cut up the interviews is whenever I need a certain answer on my document, I’ll find the interviewee who answers it best and will cut that up (“split clip”) and put those into the right places in the documentary.

Tonight, I think I’ll be able to film the blog-like home scenes where I do all my explaining and the majority of the clips where I am the only focus of the camera (listed on my outline that I posted in my previous Create blog). I have about eight of those to film but some of them are quite quick to film. Also, I think it would be much better if I do finish all of the home-clips today to get those out of the way and give myself some time to see how to arrange the entire documentary and also give myself more time to edit it properly.

I’ve also added the music onto the iMovie project as I said I would and all of the interviews are not only in my files but also uploaded onto the iMovie project. The music edits will only be volume, fade-ins and fade-outs, and where to put them (and how long each song will have in the documentary, since there are three songs but only about five minutes).

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