Final Project: Create, Part 1

22/05/2011 § Leave a comment

Before Friday at school, I came up with some questions to ask my interviewees/classmates at school. They are:

On average, how many hours do you sleep a night?
What time do you go to sleep and when do you get up? Normally?
Have you ever stayed up til really late at night to do something? (anything)
Are you satisfied with how much you’re sleeping every day?
Do you know how many hours you’re typically supposed to have at this age?
Do you know what can happen if you don’t sleep right?

I have currently interviewed Natacha and Ayushi (together), Grace (alone), and Mee Jung and Jemima (together). I know I seem sexist and biased as of right now, because I’ve only filmed my friends, but I do plan to get some interviews in other classes (it was just Friday, after all). I’m planning to get the rest of my filming done by the 23rd (Monday) but any extra will be filmed on Tuesday so I’ll still bring my camera that day. Classes I think I can get some interviews done in are during advisory, math class, social studies, chemistry (tentative, though), english (also quite tentative), and any last-minute filming on Tuesday’s health/tech class.

Also, I have yet to start filming the house-clips (explanation clips) but I have made quite an outline for the documentary.

Outline – Sleep Documentary

Attached above is the PDF of the outline I made (I use Pages and it had a template for storyboards) for the documentary. I’ve included any props I need and the music I’m planning to add. Also, today, I already created the iMovie file that will eventually become the documentary but have experimented with some added-text features. I’ve chosen to use the ‘scrolling’ and ‘soft edge’ choices whenever I need to add text onto the documentary. I plan to film my first home-explanation-vlog-like clip tomorrow (Sunday) and will also insert the songs into the iMovie so I won’t have to spend time on it later.

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