Final Project: Plan

18/05/2011 § Leave a comment

The tangible resources that I’ll be needing for this mini-documentary are:

  • a camera that can take video
  • iMovie (to edit the movie)
  • lots of people to interview
I’ll be using my computer to edit this movie and if I can’t borrow my dad’s camera (I’m sure I can, though), I’ll borrow a video camera from the school – maybe the ones that we used while producing the PSAs.
Other things I’ll be needing in order to make this mini-documentary are:
  • important and arranged information to mention in the documentary
  • an outline of what I want to do for my documentary (what I will ask my interviewees, my main point/idea, the information I want to share, etc.)
  • a schedule of when I plan to finish everything
From my experience in making the previous PSA, I think that this is all I’ll really need (outline, schedule and research; and I have all my research already). The following dates are the film days and editing days that I intend to follow so that I finish this project before the week that exams start (which is in two weeks). I intend to get this project finished before the end of next week. Luckily, I’m a fast editor when it comes to iMovie.
  • Interview filming days (all at school): 20th, 23th, and the 24th (the 24th being an extra day)
  • Home filming days: 20th, 21st, 22nd, and the 25th (the 25th being the last extra day, if I need it)
  • Video editing: 25th, 26th and the 27th
If you’ve ever watched “Easy A,” you’ll know that the whole movie is basically a video-blog about the main character’s story, with the back story and the actual film as her proof. I might be able to get in some explanation-clips at school (like right after someone’s said something that really applies the information I’ve gathered) but most of it will be done at home. The home filming and interview filming days are overlapped because I am positive that all of the people in my grade (all the people I intend to interview) have different sleeping schedules. I’m positive that some people sleep more than others and that certain people get next to no sleep at all. I know this because I’ve already talked to them about it before and when I talked to them, it wasn’t for a class.
I’m also planning to get the outline of this project done by tomorrow so that I can start filming by Friday, this week. 

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