Final Project: Design

18/05/2011 § Leave a comment

At first, I had a difficult time trying to figure out what kind of project I wanted to make for this final assessment. At first, I thought that making a power point would be the best option for me because it wouldn’t be too time consuming to make and I would only have to prepare for the presentation in front of the class. However, with the research I have, I think the presentation would be long and quite boring and not a very successful presentation. Also, I really don’t think I have the kind of time to prepare for the presentation. In any case, a presentation with Powerpoint (Microsoft Office) or Keynote (iWork?) doesn’t seem technologically appropriate enough for this project, even if I add fancy transitions or something.

The second choice I had was to make some kind of graphic manipulation poster (or two or three) with Adobe Photoshop because I’m not that bad at making graphic manipulations. After using Photoshop for this one English project that required us to make a movie poster for a story we read, I realized that I wasn’t half as bad at Photoshop than I thought I was. I thought making an informative graphic manipulation poster (or two) would be good enough for this project but I remembered that graphic manipulation actually takes a lot of time and patience and with the exams coming up, I don’t think I’d have the patience to do that. Also, I’d need to plan out both posters and arrange all the information I’d gathered. So that option wouldn’t work for me.

Then I thought making a PSA like everyone else would actually be the best choice but if working with a group for a month was hard enough (because it was just a long process), then I think making a PSA in under a week would be ten times harder. Also, I’d need to plan and get my Dad’s camera and ask people to be in the PSA and because of their schedules this month, I’m pretty sure they won’t want to be part of the video.

Finally, Grace introduced me to the idea of making a mini-documentary (it will probably be a few minutes) that would consist of multiple short interviews and a few clips of me explaining the topic of sleep and the problems of the deprivation of sleep. I think the only major problems I’ll find with this choice is the amount of time it’ll take and stopping people every once in a while to interview them and ask them how much time they sleep. Also, I’ll have to ask one of my friends (probably one that is in most of my classes) to help film while I interview random persons. I think this kind of project would put together the technology I’ve learned in class, the information I’ve applied from my research and from the health lectures, and will also try to include people from the outside.

I’ve chosen to do the mini-documentary that Grace suggested for me to do. I chose this because I felt that the cons of the choice weighed less than the cons of the other projects. Also, the filming of this project would take a maximum of three days at school (including maybe two days at home) and I have a week next week (including this week) so I feel that I can get the project done by then.

[Also, I’d like to dedicate this blogpost to Grace Yun. Find her blog here, on WordPress. She’s awesome.]

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