PSA: Evaluate

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I think that the technical side of working and making this PSA was easy enough for me. I’ve already used iMovie before to make school projects or just to make movies, in general. According to my abilities from using iMovie before, I think the putting together of the PSA was quite easy and simple – as my group had planned it out to be. In my humble opinion, I had absolutely no major problems in using iMovie and even learned a few new things about using the software. However, filming the PSA and planning it out wasn’t as easy as the computer-side of the production but it wasn’t difficult either. I think the hardest bump my group had to face was transferring all the files from one computer to another. Only two people had some of the clips each and no one had all of the clips throughout the entire project. We spent about two class times trying to figure out the fastest way to give each other the files. Honestly, it wasn’t too hard of a problem, I just needed to clear the “how-to” open a folder up to the rest of my group and afterwards, after a few more little problems, everyone had the clips.

The content of my PSA, I think, is intended to take commonly-known experiences, tries to put facts with that, and at the same time, make the funny experiences seem humorous. Also, adding those serious sign-scenes is the heart of the PSA. Once we get into the discrimination half of the PSA, then people are educated majorly on discrimination and the different ways people are treated unjustly.

At the very beginning of this humongous project, after my group chose to study homosexuals and sexuality as our topic, I remember directly that Ms. Ishihara told us to find the heart of sexuality; the cause of problems that happen in relation to homosexuality. I also remember clearly that she helped us realise that there are problems with gay persons and the rest of the world because gay groups and homosexuals are discriminated against for who they are. Thus came the topic of our PSA (and the idea of using the SU2C PSA as a major influence). We focused totally on discrimination and put discrimination against gay people at the heart of the PSA. My group manipulated the information we found (so this project also made us do some math) to make the discrimination against homosexuals the most drastic. I’m not saying that we made up fake facts – all the facts on the PSA are true and can be verified at the site linked below – we only manipulated a few of them to make the discrimination because of your sexuality look like the worst kind of discrimination. Using proper facts and adding a little bit of humour into the PSA can easily attract students’ views and attention and, in the end, education them a little more about not only the unfairness gay people face, but the different types of discrimination that the whole world faces (which is the point of this PSA, too). We were just able to use sexual orientation as a way of justifying that discrimination is not a good thing.

The process of making this PSA, as said earlier, wasn’t very difficult. Sure, the group might have faced what may have seemed like dead ends but were only momentarily lapses of no-focus and a blank mind. We eventually got around all of these by brainstorming more ideas and deciding on topics, ideas, and how-to’s together. I thought I helped lead the group really well in distributing work for everyone to do, asking for everyone’s opinions and ideas, and just getting the work done. Our group worked quite well together, considering that sometimes we got stuck on blank ideas and couldn’t do anything during class time.

My PSA might not do much to impact other peoples’ lives but I’m positive that it’ll get them thinking. I’ve shown the PSA to some of my friends and other classmates already and they’ve asked me about the facts – whether or not I made them up or found them. I think that’s a sign that the use of facts did its job and it got them thinking – either about the chances of seeing a UFO, chances of becoming president or being possessed by Satan, and in the long-run, maybe even the chances of discrimination because you’re Asian, or a girl, a boy, because of your race/ethnicity and because you’re gay.

This PSA’s effect on my life is mostly that it taught me how to construct an idea for a movie (in this case, a short 1:00 minute PSA) with a group of people, how to work with people who may not be as accomplished as you or might not have as many ideas/skills as you do, and how to use iMovie to make a movie. I already knew how to use iMovie to make a movie but I learned to use the iMovies tools more this time around. Also, the PSA actually brought up some facts I didn’t know about the world and how much people have been or are being discriminated against. I’ve never actually discriminated against other people – I’ve seen no reason to – but now I don’t think I ever will discriminate against people because of who they are.

Throughout the process, I think I handled all of the stages well – from the very beginning. I helped lead my group during brainstorming, I also lead my group in researching for facts and websites/books that we could use for our PSA, then during the filming of the PSA, I feel as though I acted like a little director, saying “stand here, do this, look up there, put your hand like that, look serious, etc.” but people followed anyway and did as I asked. All in all, I felt like I was a bit of a leader during the entire process, helping out here and there.

The three IB learner Profile characteristics that I thought I unknowingly strove for during this project were Communicator, Principled, Reflective. I feel like I learned to be a better Communicator during this project because no one else was stepping up to be the head (or something) and someone needed to take over and lead the group. I thought I learned to be more Principled because, as a leader, I needed to be fair with the distribution of work while being the leader. I also had to make a lot of the decisions and set up different times, so if anything went wrong, I would have to take responsibility for that. I was very Reflective during this project because of the many blogs that I had to post. It kept me in check with the main idea of this project and the heart of the message but also showed me my strengths in leading a group and making movies.

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