PSA: Creating Again, Part 2

05/05/2011 § Leave a comment

In a span of three days (three 1-2 hour sessions spent on working on the PSA), I’ve been able to accomplish the entire PSA. All in all, it took about 4 to five hours to completely finish. I was able to do all the things my schedule demanded of me, but I didn’t do them in order. Below is the rest of the schedule and all the things I did accomplish.
  • April 28 (Thurs): Edit all funny scenes, crop them, cut the length to just the right amount of seconds; remember not too long but not too short (enough for the voiceover).
  • April 29 (Fri): Edit all serious scenes, crop them as well, cut their lengths to just the right amount of seconds; shorter than the funny scenes because these are just percentages but remember – short enough for the voiceover.
  • April 30 (Sat): Add the last black-background text scenes (Being gay is okay. No hate. Don’t discriminate.) to the PSA. Afterwards, add the music, cut and edit music so that the funny scenes get the louder, happy music and the serious scenes get the quieter and calmer parts of the song.
In the order that I did my work, I believe that I chose my clips, put them in the order I wanted them to be in the PSA, made the final black-background text scenes, cut up each clip to the right size, added the music, added transitions in the middle of all this, made the voice-over, adjusted the music, clip size, clip length, and did some final editing before finishing. Like our group originally planned, the editing part wouldn’t be hard and it wasn’t. Below are some of the tools I used to accomplish this 1-minute PSA.
Clip-effects: When I needed a certain clip/scene to have a different feel to it instead of the average video-taped feel. In this example, Shunsuke needed an effect that would make him glow or pulse or do something that would exert “professional athlete” and have some effect on him. I used this tool to give different effects to the clips that needed special treatment.
Voice-recorder: In order to make my Voice-over (a large part of the PSA), I used the mike-button to record the different facts and mini-speech for the PSA. The purple boxes below the clips are the recordings I made for the voice-over and I made each fact its own separate recording so that, if I didn’t like the recording for only that fact, it would be easy to re-record, instead of re-record the entire PSA.
Volume and fade ins and outs: The background song for this PSA and the voiceovers needed to be adjusted a lot during the making of this PSA and I used this tool to mess with the volumes and fade-in, fade-out commands for each track.
Clip trimmer: This tool proved to be very useful during the making of this PSA. In order to maintain a PSA-length that stayed under the 60-second limit, some scenes needed to be only a few seconds. With the clip trimmer, I could keep the scene to be as long as 3 to 5 seconds but I could choose the best part of the original clip that my group filmed. The clip trimmer can also be used for my voiceover and the PSA’s background song.

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