PSA: Planning Again

26/04/2011 § Leave a comment

As previously stated repeatedly in the ‘Designing Again’ blog, making the PSA won’t be excessively hard since each clip is small and all I really need to do is match scene-to-percentage, make a voiceover and clean up the movie (edit it). However, of course it’s much safer to have a plan.

The software I will be using is iMovie because I’m more familiar with iMovie. I understand how to make the different effects, how to add sounds, how to zoom in on a scene or to avoid zooming in, how to add transitions, text, etc. Basically, I’ve used iMovie a lot already so it wouldn’t be smart if I used a different piece of software.

What I will be using and what one will be seeing in my PSA would be multiple funny scenes accompanied by a clip showing the percentage chance of those scenes actually happening to someone. They would also hear a little upbeat tune (I’ll credit the song now, it’ll be “The Show” by Lenka) in the background that should go along with the fun-level of the PSA. (Lenka’s songs just FIT commercial/PSA types of videos.) The audience will also be able to hear the voiceover (recorded with the voice-recorder on the iMovie program) while they read the percentages and watch the scenes. There may be some transitions but they’ll be simple, like a fade-out somewhere to shift from the happy mood to the sad mood.

How I plan to do my PSA: basically, there’s no introduction and I start off with my favourite scene (I think I’ll use the UFO scene) and I’ll add the music by then. After the UFO scene, I add the rest of the funny scenes and after each scene, I also insert the appropriate percentage scene. After all the funny scenes is time for the serious scenes. We have a lot, so I’ll only choose the ones that will impact the audience more (impacting Asians, different skin-colours, religious people, etc.) and add those to the last part of the PSA. Finally, the music will have been adjusted so that when the gay-scene is playing, the quieter part of the song is also playing. Here, the percentage for ‘chances of discrimination because you’re gay’ on the cardboard will be shown (painted in purple, just for all the gay people out there!) in the PSA, along with the same, but quieter music. It’s supposed to be somewhat serious now. Afterwards will come a fade out and then a black background with the words, “Being gay is okay,” and then another fade out, then another black background with the words, “No hate,” and yet another black background (one can tell that these black backgrounds with words and text is the message of the PSA) with the words, “Don’t discriminate.” This is my entire outline.

And the schedule is as follows:

  • April 27 (Wed): Create iMovie file, choose which funny scenes, choose which serious scenes, decide what order your want them to go in. Add them in.
  • April 28 (Thurs): Edit all funny scenes, crop them, cut the length to just the right amount of seconds; remember not too long but not too short (enough for the voiceover).
  • April 29 (Fri): Edit all serious scenes, crop them as well, cut their lengths to just the right amount of seconds; shorter than the funny scenes because these are just percentages but remember – short enough for the voiceover.
  • April 30 (Sat): Add the last black-background text scenes (Being gay is okay. No hate. Don’t discriminate.) to the PSA. Afterwards, add the music, cut and edit music so that the funny scenes get the louder, happy music and the serious scenes get the quieter and calmer parts of the song.
  • May 1 (Sun): Add transitions. Edit.
  • May 2 (Mon): Show to a friend. Edit.
  • May 3 (Tue): Show to the same friend, ask if mistakes were fixed. Show another friend. Edit.
  • May 4 (Wed): Edit. Check requirements for PSA one last time, edit.
  • May 5 (Thurs): Edit.
  • May 6 (Fri): PSA due!

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