PSA: Create, Day 4

24/04/2011 § Leave a comment

On Friday, our group had our last day of filming (all according to plan). We filmed one last sign-scene and three other scenes. Yurika and I brought purple clothing to show our support for gay-lesbian people and Shunsuke and Kevin were also supposed to bring something purple but they either 1) forgot to, or 2) “couldn’t find anything purple” so Shunsuke borrowed Asuka’s purple scarf and was able to stand in the clip while Kevin filmed it. It was filmed just like all of the other sign-scenes, in the atrium and showing the upper half of the people in the scene.

We also filmed three scenes for the PSA. The president scene, the four-leaf clover scene, and the food-poisoning scene. The president scene consisted of me and Kevin wearing black, formal shirts in the auditorium. I played the president and thanked the “crowd” while Kevin stood by in Ray Bans sunglasses and acted as my bodyguard. The filming of that was simple but Yurika bent down a little to capture the scene from below, looking up at us.

The four-leaf clover scene was simple. We had Kevin and Shunsuke sit down outside on the grass of the park (outside the cafeteria). I’d told Kevin to make a gigantic four-leaf clover out of green construction paper before Friday (and he did) for our prop. Basically, he and Shunsuke were “chilling” on the grass and just hanging out and suddenly, Kevin reaches behind him (he feels the presence of something) and takes out a four leaf clover. Shunsuke and Kevin are surprised because it’s lucky enough Kevin found a four-leaf clover but it’s incredible that he found it on his first try. I filmed this scene and made it simple; I just filmed them while standing; I looked down on them.

Lastly, the food-poisoning scene was the most interesting that we filmed. In the cafeteria, we borrowed a bowl and a large bottle of tabasco sauce. Using the paper from the four-leaf clover we had just used as a prop, we cut up a piece of the green paper, drew a skull on it, and taped it onto the tabasco bottle. Filming this scene took two takes because Shunsuke died too fast and I wasn’t able to get the skull on the camera. The second take was much better.

The clips and scenes that we’ve filmed throughout the entire two weeks have all been saved into at least one computer (either mine or Yurika’s) and by Tuesday, at class, we should all probably have all of the files in our own computers. That’ll give us about two weeks to make our PSAs, which should be sufficient enough for each of the members in our group.

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