PSA: Create, Day 3

19/04/2011 § Leave a comment

My group accomplished a lot of work today and everyone was focused. Last class, we finished making all of the signs we’d need for our PSA so all we were focused on doing today was finishing the filming with all of the signs. Unfortunately, no one wore purple (we hadn’t planned to and it wasn’t part of the schedule anyway) so the group was only able to film the following sign scenes: Women, Men, Race/ethnicity, skin colour, and religion; basically, the rest of the necessary film scenes. The only one we’re missing now is the Gay sign-scene.

Throughout the entire class period, our group kept pulling in people from other groups (of course, only when they were free and available for filming) and bringing them in to film the sign scenes. We filmed all of the sign scenes exactly how we filmed them in the past two classes. The camera only shows the upper bodies of all of the people in the scene, with the sign-holder in the middle of the group. The camera doesn’t do much and neither do the people, because the voice-over that narrates and reads out the percentage takes care of everything.

Speaking of the voice-over; we decided today that for our individual editing, we would voice our own narration for our PSA (because we don’t know which scenes each group-member will use).

After we finished filming all of the hold-up-the-sign-and-stay-still scenes, the group proceeded to film all of the funny scenes. Today, we still accomplished a lot and filmed the NY Times Best Seller scene, the UFO scene, the professional athlete scene, the possessed-by-Satan scene, and the stolen identity scene. Some notable filming details to notice was scene during almost all of the scenes. For example, during the NY Times Best Seller scene, I filmed Yurika as the author but instead of just staying in one place, I tried to go around her just a bit as she showed off “her” book. For the UFO scene, later, our audience will notice that, at first, all they can see is the “UFO” flying in view and then the scene changes. Once the scene changes, the camera doesn’t move at all and two people (Kevin and I) are running after the “UFO” entering the scene from left and exiting from the right. This creates a slightly comical effect. Finally, during the professional athlete scene, we wanted to make Shunsuke (our professional athlete) look ‘pro’ and ‘awesome’ and ‘epic’ so we stood him up on a bench out on the balcony of the atrium and filmed him from below. That is, the camera looked UP at Shunsuke, making him look awesome and professional. Luckily for us, we did two takes and both turned out incredible. The first take caught the sunlight and has a sparkle-effect that only the sun can give but the second take, we were lucky enough to have a lot of wind, and it looks like Shunsuke is so epic, his hair and clothes are moving all on their own.

With all this work done, the schedule is going according to plan (the goal is to finish all filming by the end of this week) and we can start our individual editing this weekend. All that’s left for us to film is: the four-leaf clover scene, the president scene, the food-poisoning scene, and the hold-up-the-gay-sign scene.

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