PSA: Create, Day 2

12/04/2011 § Leave a comment

Today, our group accomplished a lot. We finished all of the sign props that we’ll need for the entire project. These signs were made with cardboard that we found last class and during the first part of today’s class, Yurika, Shunsuke, Kevin and I resumed painting, cutting cardboard and making the percentage fact signs for the ‘hold-up-the-sign-and-don’t-move’ scenes. We took the first ten minutes retrieving the cardboard from Yurika’s and Shunsuke’s lockers, the paint, brushes and scissors from the art room, and a cup of water (to keep the paint watery) from the cafeteria. We continued painting the signs (in black paint) in the atrium and before we knew it, all the signs were done. Yurika and I decided that because the voice-over would essentially be saying everything, there was no need to paint signs for categories so we completely abandoned that idea and task, making our lives a whole lot easier.

[Actually, before we all started painting, we helped Ayushi’s group – Ayushi, Asuka, Scott, and Aditya – with some of their last few scenes and in return, they would help us whenever we required any extra bodies/people. Basically, we spent a few minutes in the beginning of class also forming an alliance with their group.]

Afterwards, our group started filming all of the sign scenes in our finalised location: right in the atrium. I chose the location because I figured the many flags that represented multiple nationalities and accepted cultures at CA would help emphasise our point that discrimination is not acceptable (especially at CA) and differences are good. We were able to film most of the sign scenes until we started running out of time. We then grabbed Ayushi’s group and filmed one of our serious sign scenes in the atrium. Admittedly, it was a little hard because staring at the camera without laughing for more than 5 seconds proved to be harder than it sounded. After maybe four or five tries, we got enough footage for a PSA. Each sign scene was filmed close to the people holding the signs. Treated like an advertisement or commercial, the camera films the people’s upper torsos and nothing below so that only the faces and the signs can be seen. I think in our next meeting, we could finish all of the sign scenes by grabbing and borrowing classmates here and there whenever we needed them (each scene only takes a few minutes, if the people in the scene could stare at the camera without laughing for ten seconds).

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