PSA: Create, Day 1

08/04/2011 § Leave a comment

Today was the first day that our group spent some time working on the PSA. Today, we’d planned not to do any filming because we needed certain props to be able to do smooth filming. My group and I therefore decided to make the cardboard signs that we need to paint on. Since the class today was only sixty minutes and we still had to figure out where to get all of our supplies (even if we had a small idea) so the first ten to fifteen minutes was spent searching for proper cardboard or construction paper. Yurika and I searched for cardboard at the accounting office where we found loads of cardboard boxes to use while we sent Kevin and Shunsuke to check for construction paper (if we couldn’t find any cardboard to use). Afterwards, Yurika and I brought all the cardboard up to the chairs at the atrium so that we could start the painting. Meanwhile, we had Kevin and Shunsuke go to the art room (Mrs. Smailes’ classroom) to pick up some paint, scissors, and paintbrushes. The colours we needed were black paint and purple paint. They came back with black, red, and blue paint. (We were supposed to mix the red and blue together to make purple).

Together we all cut up the cardboard by their folds (Yurika cut up the big pieces of cardboard into smaller parts) to make the pieces that we could hold up. Afterwards, we started painting the percentages first because Yurika brought up the idea that we might not even need the categories (race, men, women, fireworks, etc. – all mentioned in my previous blog) for the PSA since the voiceover would say the category before the percentage anyway.

Altogether, with the 5-10 minute talk at the beginning of class, the 10-15 minute search for supplies and then further working, cutting, paint-mixing and painting, we were able to paint 8 of the 16 percentages so we’ve finished 50% of our percentage sign-painting. Next week, I plan to either finish the cardboard on my own (all of the other members are busy with getting ready for APAC) either at lunch or after school on Tuesday if I have to. Actually, I will most likely have to finish the paintings during lunch on Monday so that my group can start filming during class on Tuesday. We’ll be required to film as fast as possible so that we don’t fall behind, what with APAC softball and soccer in the way.

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