PSA: Design

18/03/2011 § Leave a comment

One way the group decided to make the PSA was to actually put one of us into the role of a homosexual (gay or lesbian) teen but that would have been awkward. If this were what the PSA would look like, it would have to be serious, meaning one of us would have to be a remarkable actor/actress to pull off a serious face and really execute an astounding performance to make the PSA as serious as it’s meant to be. However, I felt that people wouldn’t take our PSA seriously at the mere thought of one of their classmates being gay. (As a side note, I thought that, in a way, that fact I just mentioned could channel into our research. Do people at CA, or would people at CA, feel nervous and uneasy if one of their friends turned out to be gay?) We’re still keeping this possibility at the back of our minds but I’ve told the group that one person has to be brave enough to take on the role of the main (gay) character. We may not end up using this PSA idea because of such a difficult role.

Another possible way we could do this PSA is to make the situation a lot lighter. We haven’t quite discussed this as a group yet but I’m sure it’s been on all of our minds. Instead of trying to force ourselves to make a serious PSA, we might be able to create a skit that’s funny (but not offensive in any way possible) and at the end of the PSA, add the main message: “It’s okay to be gay!” or something along those lines. We merely want to get a message to the students of CA that people — human beings — shouldn’t be discriminated against, whether they’re gay or not. Being different and unique is being someone special and if being gay is how someone chooses to be special, then no one should be allowed to take that away from him/her. << That is basically the overall idea our group currently has. Criticism and condemnation for being different; being gay.

Finally, I personally am leaning towards another kind of PSA that’s factual, light, but also serious at the end. My inspiration for this kind of PSA is a “Stand Up 2 Cancer” public service announcement commercial that was released to the public around August/September of 2010. On this super awesome PSA, we see a lot of celebrities and lovely faces perform a few roles (ranging from golfers, to a normal lady taking a bath, to an average teenager bowling with her friends, to an astronaut). There’s a voiceover that speaks during 97% of the PSA (voiced by Dakota Fanning) that reads out facts and the odds of such-and-such. For example, she says, “Odds of dating a supermodel: 1 in 88,000.” This continues for a while, and the commercial seems light and happy and the audience gets to see some of their favourite actors and actresses on a great commercial. At the end, though, Dakota Fanning gets to the point of the PSA and finally says, “Odds of getting cancer in your lifetime: 1 in 2 men, 1 in 3 women.” In the end, the PSA is so incredibly serious but also has an “in-your-face” effect what with having such astounding statistics that the audience (adults, teenagers, children; all ages, in this case) is forced to, at the end, take the situation seriously. If we just change the cancer topic to discrimination or homosexuality, throwing in pretty serious facts but making the situation light at first, we might be able to get out a similar reaction out of our teenage audience in 9th grade. My group has seen the SU2C PSA and we haven’t decided how exactly we’ll write a script for this idea. This is why I think that our research for statistics and facts is so vital to this project so that we can also have some astounding facts that can make people’s mouths drop or at least have them think, “Oh, really? I didn’t know that.” Of course, our final PSA may not be as great as the SU2C one but we’ll do our best.

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