Counter Ad [Blog Post #7] — Create Part 4

28/02/2011 § Leave a comment

The last few parts of the editing were easier than the first steps. Everything seen in the picture below took some time but not as much time as all the smudging did. Because all of the space was already free and nothing looked out of place (except, maybe, her face), I could put the text I wanted to. I tried to match the text with the original text and on this version is what I came up with.

[note: I forgot to take a picture of the TEXT-only ad before starting to put the pimples and mess with her teeth]. I used the text tool and realised that each text box was a brand new layer but that was better for me so that I could just select a layer and not mix and match and misplace everything on the same layer.

As for the font, I tried to match the original text as well as I could but made sure to stay with a simple font that stayed WHITE.

I was also able to change the words on the product images on the bottom right of the image. I used the colour-select (pipette icon) again and matched the paintbrush colour to the colour of the bottles. With the paintbrush, I painted over the word “protection” (the original word) and replaced it (with the text tool) with the word ‘LIES’. I was able to colour the words “LIES” by also selecting the colour of the original font with the colour-select tool. It may sound like it was a lot of work but it was almost the easiest part.

As an idea from my brother (and branching from my ‘yellow-the-teeth’ idea), I coloured in one of the girl’s teeth and replaced the colours with her gum and a hole so that it looks like she has a gap in her teeth. It simply made her less attractive.

The pimples were the easiest. On the paint icon, I could choose what kind of paintbrush (solid, with blurs on the side, square, etc.). There was an option for SPARKS and just as an experiment again, I tried it. The results were the yellow spots you see above. I thought they would be a good depiction of how bad the consequences could be if one trusts ads when they don’t need any products for their skin. After scattering the sparks on the Nivea girl’s face, I changed the paintbrush colour back to red and chose a paintbrush that blurred on the edges and proceeded to make spots that would somewhat resemble pimples.

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