Counter Ad [Blog Post #6] — Create Part 3

28/02/2011 § Leave a comment

The next part of my manipulation of this NIVEA ad was the longest and took the longest. The last two steps that were in my plan were to add pimples first and yellow her teeth and THEN delete and then rewrite the text but I was once again experimenting with my favoured tool, the Smudge tool.

So, I skipped the pimples and yellowing-teeth part of the plan first and moved to the removal of the text. With the smudge, I was able to move colours to fill in the white area that resulted from not ripping the ad out properly (bottom left of the original ad). I was also able to erase the text in the upper left corner. Also, when I was losing track of the right colour and if my girl was starting to look the wrong colour, I had made sure to keep some parts of her skin or some parts of the background untouched. Because I did this, I could use the Colour-Select (the pipette icon that selects a pixel colour for you) and could use the paintbrush to add more of the right colour. From there, I could keep smudging and the result of all my smudging (which took a couple of hours, all in all. Maybe a little over 2 hours) was this:

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