Counter Ad [Blog Post #4] — Create Part 1

28/02/2011 § Leave a comment

If we start with the original ad and see what the Nivea girl looks like first, we can see the difference between the ORIGINAL and part 1 of my manipulation.

I used GIMP to perform all of my manipulations and edits. I think, throughout the whole manipulation and Create part of this project, I was all the while experimenting with my skills in with the program.

That explains why I skipped immediately to covering the glow on her face. I’d been experimenting with the Smudge tool and began using it to cover the glow on her face; I figured that I should experiment but do something worthwhile at the same time, so I smudged the glow on her forehead. The smudging got to a point that I increased and decreased the diameter of the smudge tool many times to properly smooth her face out and spread the colour out properly.

I also tried to do some improv while smudging her face. Her eyes were the first thing that struck me as ‘beautiful’ when I first saw this ad. I wanted to do something that warped them a little so I darkened her lashes and lengthened them out. However, I don’t think that made her look any uglier and just more beautiful. The result of the smudge tool was this:

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