Counter Ad [Blog Post #3] — Plan

18/02/2011 § 1 Comment

The software that I currently have in my computer is The Gimp and I may end up using that one, but I’ve been thinking about downloading a trial of Photoshop so that I could have slightly better controls. (In the end, though, I’m pretty sure I will be using Gimp.)

The first thing I’ll do to manipulate the ad is to play with and warp the Nivea girl’s face. If I can do just enough warping, the girl, by the end of step 1, will start looking like she’s in pain, gritting her teeth, and not enjoying the product. I can do this by going to the Filter menu and choose Distort. From the sub-menu that comes from the Distort option, I’ll need to choose iWarp and from there, enlarge the window that pops up to easily manipulate my girl’s face.

Next, I will try to cover the glow on her forehead by either 1) using paintbrush and matching the colours of her skin, or 2) using the smudge tool to blend her skin together and get the best result. I will try the paintbrush option first but the smudge tool should probably fix things up.

Next, I’ll add pimples and make her teeth yellower by using the paintbrush and matching the colours (and creating pimples, but only enough that make her face look realistic).

Finally, to cover the words and then add new ones, I could once again use the paintbrush and smudge around the area to match the new empty space with the background colour and then use the text tool to write the text I want (of course, matching the fonts and colours with the original text as best as I can).

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  • Brian McEwen says:

    A very detailed account of the steps you plan to follow, and a good mention of the resource you’ll be using (The GIMP). Well done.

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