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Easy summer style. (2004, July/August). More, 7(6).

Posted is the ad I chose to disect, manipulate and reveal the truth of. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been careful enough to rip the ad out carefully but from what I can make of the words, the text says:

[Nivea’s] new All Around Protection boosts your skin’s natural ability to protect [yourself] from UV rays, air pollution and even stress with a natural, […], and powerful anti-oxidant called Iso-Protectine plus vitamins C, E and SPF [15] […]. Learn more about new All Around Protection and all of Nivea’s […] inspired face care at No other skincare line performs like Nivea because everything Nivea makes is… INSPIRED BY THE WAY SKIN WORKS.

The text of this ad brings light to the new product that the company of Nivea has produced. Nivea says that their new All Around Protection product is good for anybody because it ‘boost your skin’s natural ability’. By saying this, Nivea makes its product available to all customers will all kinds of skin. They even introduce the powerful antioxidant called ‘iso-protectine’ and throw in the words ‘vitamin’, ‘natural’ and ‘powerful’. The text of this ad was well structured to appeal to all generations of females or males who are looking for cosmetics and creams for themselves. When the words are made to sound ‘natural’ and ‘powerful’, customers tend to think that the product is extra special and will be convinced to buy it.

The subtext that I’ve interpreted from the ad speaks out mostly to teenagers and women of (almost) all ages. (Almost all ages, because I doubt that this ad speaks out to a very old target audience.) In other words, I think that this Nivea ad was targeted towards an audience of teenagers or college students or even people at the ages of 30 through 40. The leniency in the ad (a wide range of customers) comes from the words ‘boosts your skin’s natural ability to protect yourself’. Those words assure all ages that the product that’s being advertised will only help you, no matter what kind of skin you have. Girls are the major target audience because it’s most likely that females are looking for facial care creams than guys.

I’ve also interpreted that this ad could be a little offensive by showing the girl. Admittedly she’s a gorgeous girl and it looks natural. She probably looks natural because of the Nivea cream. However, not everyone is going to look as pretty as the Nivea girl after using the cream. Why? Because not everyone has skin as ‘natural’ as she. The Nivea skin only boosts our natural ability to have clear and healthy skin but we’re supposed to expect that the cream will work for everyone? Mainly, her skin looks too flawless, she’s a little too beautiful and the set up of the ad, along with the text, is too good to be true.

[According to my mother, a specialist in the field of skin-care products at P&G, and as a side note, the phrase ‘iso-protectine’ is not a real phrase and is a commercial stunt that, with the word ‘protect’ in the phrase, attracts more buyers and customers. This is misleading because some people immediately look at the word ‘protect’ and assume that the All Around Protection cream can protect their face completely.]

Also, they don’t offer assistance or help as to what customers should do if the product results in symptoms and after-effects. Some of the side effects may end up being serious, like rashes, itching, swelling, burning, and maybe even dizziness and a difficulty breathing (Drugs & medications – body lotion top, n.d.). Other side effects could be a little less serious, like burning, stinging, redness or simple irritation (Drugs & medications – body lotion top, n.d.). What if some of these side-effects occur? The ad doesn’t guarantee that the cream will actually work for everyone.

A mental health issue that might result from the physical issues caused by this ad would start making girls and females of all ages think that their skin might not be normal. The Nivea girl on the ad looks so naturally pretty that, if a normal girl (with pimples and acne and a normal face) were to use this cream and if it didn’t work on her, she might start thinking that her skin’s ‘natural ability’ is far weaker than the rest of the world’s. She (or he) might start going into a depression or simply think that her (or his) face isn’t good-looking or beautiful enough.



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