Public Smoking Should Be Banned, Entry 1

30/11/2010 § Leave a comment

The topic/issue my group and another group (consisting of Yurika, Natacha and Yiram) are debating is the banning of public smoking.

I am lucky to be on the positive side of this debate (I agree with banning public smoking) because I truly think that the banning of public smoking should be undertaken and spread to as many countries as possible. I hold this type of opinion because I myself would like to get rid of smoking on Rokko Island at first. I know that smoking is possibly one of the worst things to get hooked on and addicted to and I know a few people who smoke. Taking in all the information I’ve learned so far and adding it to the information I’ve learned in the last few years, the general idea I have about smoking is that it’s generally just a terrible thing to pollute your body with and it does indeed ruin your life.

In past classes in 7th and 8th grade, my health classes included a lot of talk about how smoking really just isn’t bad for your health but it can ruin your life. Even without the health classes in middle school though, I think I get enough information about smoking online, through television and through ads and billboards (mostly in the Philippines) that warn people about smoking. Through celebrities in America, (like Lindsay Lohan, for example), I’ve seen pictures, watched clips and read articles about them having to go to rehab for smoking. Sometimes, they just look like they’re in such bad health, I feel bad for them. I see celebrity smokers (who are dangerously addicted) who are thin, pale, awfully weak and always drowsy. Unfortunately, it has been turned into a stereotype but if someone smokes, everyone else could automatically think to shy away from them because maybe they smell, maybe they stink, maybe they’re unhealthy or not fully sane. However, most people definitely know to stay away from smokers as much as they can because of the smoke they emit.

Before the Health classes this year, I tried to stay away from smokers because of their smell but now I know that the smoke that they emit is so much worse than I thought. The mainstream, side-stream and second-hand smoke (which is probably the worst, being a combination of both) that cigarettes emit and that smokers exhale are also dangerous. Smoking in public releases that type of poison into the atmosphere and into the air that innocent babies, children or non-smokers have to breathe.

Around Japan or even in the Philippines, I’ve seen people smoking then coughing immediately. I’ve seen mothers sit next to their babies in their carriages and smoke freely, not even minding that their children are breathing the smoke they’re exhaling. I’ve watched kids walk past some smoker who carelessly blows smoke right in front them, polluting the kids’ lungs, not just his/her own. I myself have walked in crowds of smokers and it is just plain nasty, not only poisoning the smokers, but also their environment and everyone else around them.

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